Frequently asked questions

What does Attractive do for me?

Attractive's virtual UX expert Poe constantly interacts with your site, delivering alerts if some key interaction isn't working or the site isn't performing. Poe then sends regular analyses about your website and makes improvement suggestions, just like a human UX expert would do, but tirelessly and speedily. Often businesses or organisations don't realise many of the things that might end up turning people away from their site, and people are very fickle. Attractive helps you attract those users and keep them coming back.

Can I trust the findings of Attractive/Poe?

Our algorithms are based on user experience and usability research. Furthermore, we constantly moderate our reports so they do not contain false positives.

How does Attractive differ from user testing?

Attractive's UX analysis is based on algorithms. It simulates a real human being and provides insights on your user experience. This makes it possible to analyse a website's user experience even before it is published. Poe, Attractive's virtual UX expert, does this interaction constantly and tirelessly, making sure you are always creating a great experience for your users. Additionally Poe does the analysis for you, whereas user tracking services leave you to figure out where the problems might be and how to improve.

How does Attractive differ from Google Analytics?

While Google analytics provides data on how your users behave on your site, it does not evaluate user experience. simulates human interaction and provides insights on the user experience and usability, even before your customers come to your site.

Can Attractive analyse native mobile apps?

Currently Attractive only analyses websites in desktop and mobile resolutions — but not native mobile apps. Note that web apps are fine, as long as they can be accessed from a browser.

Can Attractive access pages that require login?

This is possible with the UX Expert package. You can provide test credentials to Poe, and he will be able to login and analyse pages behind authentication.

I can't find a suitable option from your offerings

Please email us and let's talk more.