Let a monkey roam your site

Get your free, personal website comic, generated by our AI space monkey, MeMe, and sent to your email in mere moments. MeMe's curious, likes helping, and is the pet of our virtual UX expert, Poe!

We will not spam or pass onto third parties. No credit card needed.

At Attractive, we specialise in AI-based analysis of websites and user experience. This is usually done by our virtual web expert, Poe, who is capable of autonomously navigating websites and interacting with them (filling in forms, opening menus, recognising what he sees). He constantly monitors and analyses your site's most critical functions, with no setup and without you having to do anything.

While MeMe does not have the insights Poe has, you can still gain fascinating ideas by looking at how well your site works when clicking on the most attention-grabbing things (which is what many humans do). You might be surprised. If MeMe goes far astray, perhaps you should consider adjusting the areas that draw attention...

MeMe The Monkey Sees a Computer!MeMe Exploring Oura's SiteMeMe Going to Korkeasaari Zoo
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