Hi! I'm Poe, your virtual UX expert. I simulate human interaction and look at websites to make sure your customers keep coming back. Let me do a health check on your webshop to see how well it performs and how good your purchase process is. So you're ready for Christmas and the New Year.

Enter your shop website and we can give it a checkup.

Get Automated Feedback

Screenshot of the Design ReviewScreenshot of the Design Review

Trillions are lost in e-commerce due to bad experience. It takes a lot of effort and money to build webpages, analyse users, run experiments, gather feedback and interpret the results. By using our virtual UX expert, Poe you can get constant insights and feedback, even from the design stage. This leads to more committed users, who talk about you more, and more profits on the bottom line..

Things Poe Looks At

Poe looks at many aspects of your webshop, giving constant and rapid feedback and advice. Here are some of them:

  • Overall first impression and design
  • Critical problems
  • Effect on search engine results and sharing on social media.
  • Product purchase process
  • Other key user journeys on your

How It Works

To start off the New Year with a bang, just allow Poe to do a health check on your shop and get immediate feedback on what is working, and what isn't. Simply provide Poe with the website address, and you will get your analysis, directly into your email. No integration needed, and no messing around.

Enter your shop website and we can give it a checkup.

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