Founder/Spirit of Experience Poe

Poe didn't so much join the team as appear from the void. He spoke words of wisdom that inspired the other founders to start Attractive. It is believed that Poe’s home planet is one of deep serenity. Nobody knows what Poe is made of or how he moves, but he is adamant that he is here to help humanity reach a new plane of existence.

A long-haired man in tweed

CEO/Founder Kristoffer Lawson

An experienced serial entrepreneur and respected technologist having built ground-breaking companies such as Holvi and Solu. He dives deep into product journeys, working at the intersection of technology, design and communication.

A bearded man in patterned shirt

COO/Founder Marc Salas Martínez

Has extensive operational background, both in his own companies and at large players like Ixonos and Tieto, where he was running their internal accelerator and globalising one of their own scale-ups.

A bearded big man with glasses

CTO/Founder Jason Brower

An iconic and influential person in the Finnish startup scene, having been the infamous polar bear in the Polar Bear Pitching competition. Jason brings his practical experience from starting life as a farm boy into the digital sphere.

A bearded man with countryside background

Senior Developer Marin Pranjić

An expert and experienced developer with a wealth of experience in Node, Python, React and Google API services.

UX Collaborators

A woman with long brown hair

UX/UI Designer Marta Baranowska

Marta is our UX designer with a background in Graphic Design. She focuses on improving the user experience and creating user centric solutions. In her free time she enjoys pottery, designing icons and playing ultimate.

A dark-haired woman in jeans

UX/Service Designer Alessia Menegolli

Fostering positive impact through collaborative approaches is what drives her work. She loves cooking, reading, arts and museums.

A short-haired woman with glasses

UX/Product Designer Mai Tran

Mai is passionate about using design to solve problems for business and users to create an excellent digital experience. She believes that great user experience would transform the whole relationship between human and technology.


A bearded man with glasses and light brown hair

Visual/Product Designer Joona Kallio

An entrepreneur-creative, who turns wild ideas into bold visions - and makes them a reality. The leading designer for creating visual identities, concepts, and products, user interfaces, and interactions. He has been responsible for creating in-vehicle touch screen UX for well known automotive companies and has reshaped the future of Personal Computing with Solu.

Bearded man with glasses

Sparring Partner Jarkko Penttilä

A seasoned tech investor and sparring partner for the teams targeting to become leaders in their respective categories. Jarkko brings his learnings and reality checks through his experiences and network of multiple start-ups, growth firms and fellow investors.


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Superhero Capital

Helps Superhero entrepreneurs build exponentially better businesses that make an impact to humanity. Honest, straightforward feedback and support come with the package.

Others participating in the round include:

  • Tue Lumbye (BetXpert)
  • Jaakko Salminen (Sun, Fiban)
  • Tatsuro Shimada (Mamari)
  • Parepak
  • Keisuke Honda (Japan’s #1 Footballer)
  • Paul Melin (Nokia)
  • MEOM (market tech investor)
  • Tapani Tanskanen
  • Fernando Herrera (Nordcloud)

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