The Magic Behind Attractive

Attractive has created the most sophisticated web analysis technology on the planet. All of that technology goes into guiding our virtual expert, Poe (Parameterised Observation Engine). Here is a glimpse of how that works.

Computer Vision

Poe sees the web in a humanlike manner, and with similar technology that autonomous vehicle systems use to view the road. He identifies user interface elements to help him navigate, and to understand the type of website he is facing.

Recognise The Journey

Attractive's team has taught Poe to recognise key functions, or user journeys, of websites using a mechanism called Neural Programming. Poe can thus navigate and interact with those features to check they are working, every single day, and without you doing anything. Poe can handle a site changing, even substantially.

Love Design

Poe has evolved to recognise many aspects of aesthetic and UI design, using advanced algorithms. All there to make sure your site is beautiful, understandable and appealing. In other words, attractive.

Observe The World

A whole series of user experience rules and observations make up the DNA of Poe, including how to build forms, language matters, mobile use, CTA analysis and accessibility (including all the technical rules defined by WCAG 2.1). This makes sure nothing annoys the user, and your search engine standing is good.
If you're wondering about this website, the background is a real, constantly evolving scene, and was built by Bass Cadet using Cables. The design was inspired by the groundbreaking demo Chimera, by Halcyon.