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United in a vision to rid the world of frustrating user experiences, the team has decades of experience in building ambitious digital products. They are using all of that knowledge to automate the analysis of your website.


Spirit of Excellence
Poe didn't so much join the team as appear from the void. He spoke words of wisdom that inspired the other founders to start Attractive. It is believed that Poe’s home planet is one of deep serenity. Nobody knows what Poe is made of or how he moves, but he is adamant that he is here to help humanity reach a new plane of existence.

Kristoffer Lawson

An experienced serial entrepreneur and respected technologist having built ground-breaking companies such as Holvi and Solu. He dives deep into product journeys, working at the intersection of technology, design and communication.

Marc Salas Martínez

Has extensive operational background, both in his own companies and at large players like Ixonos and Tieto, where he was running their internal accelerator and globalising one of their own scale-ups.

Pasi Keränen

Pasi has been coding most of his life and has extensive experience in a multitude of software industry areas and roles over the past 25 years professionally. From metal industry measurement tooling, through UI development to low level mobile 3D graphics and chairing Khronos OpenWF working group for OpenWF 1.0. Most recently before joining Attractive.ai Pasi was working at The Qt Company in 3D area, Designer Tooling as a developer, team lead and finally as product owner.


Joona Kallio

Visuals & Product Design
An entrepreneur-creative, who turns wild ideas into bold visions - and makes them a reality. The leading designer for creating visual identities, concepts, and products, user interfaces, and interactions. He has been responsible for creating in-vehicle touch screen UX for well known automotive companies and has reshaped the future of Personal Computing with Solu.

Jarkko Penttilä

Business Advisor
A seasoned tech investor and sparring partner for the teams targeting to become leaders in their respective categories. Jarkko brings his learnings and reality checks through his experiences and network of multiple start-ups, growth firms and fellow investors.


Superhero Capital

Lead Investor
Helps Superhero entrepreneurs build exponentially better businesses that make an impact to humanity. Honest, straightforward feedback and support come with the package.

Other Investors

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Hi! We believe in a human-centered approach to everything we do and aim to make our customers happy. If you have a question, concern, request or want to just say hi, we are here for you. Contact us at support@attractive.ai and we will get back to you as soon as possible.